The best of friends

Jason, Tim and Rodger were the best of friends. Each year they took vacations together and they always had a blast. This year the trio wanted to try something new, so they booked a cruise to an exotic location. The planned trip was a seven-day cruise and they all were very excited about it. After preparing for the trip, the three men packed their suitcases and set off for a voyage of a lifetime.

The first day on the cruise ship went really well. They were greeted by smiling faces and a round of free drinks at the ship’s bar. It was a big ship and the group had a lot of exploring to do. After settling, Jason, Tim, and Rodger went down to the cruise ship information office to learn more about available activities. The group signed up for some yoga classes and a few on shore excursions for the following days. But before they left the office, someone pulled them to the side and offered them something a little different.


A beautiful woman named Sarah came up to the three friends and told them about a special escort service that she was offering. The three friends were very excited about this amazing opportunity. After talking with Sarah, the group chose two beautiful escorts that were going to show up to their room later that evening.


Around 9 PM there was a knock at their cabin door and in walked two sexy and beautiful charlotte escorts. Pam was 20 and Cindy was 23 and both women had very beautiful bodies. After getting to know the escorts, the guys took them out for a night of dinner and dancing. Everyone in the group had an amazing time and the night was about to come to an end.


As the night drew near the end, the group went back to the spacious cabin. Pam and Cindy started taking off their clothes and revealing their hot bodies. This perked the interest of the guys and soon everyone was in their birthday suits. The sex that night was wild and unleashed. Everyone walked away from the situation totally satisfied even the beautiful escorts. The cruise ship escort experience was very amazing, and each of the guys got their chance to spend some quality time with each of the girls. It’s safe to say that they will be returning next year for another amazing experience.

Tips to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Great sex has many benefits for both mental and physical health. When partners orgasm at the same time the sex becomes even sweeter. However, this happens rarely. Premature ejaculation is a common problem in most men. Experts say that this condition is caused by several things which are psychological, physical as well as relationship issues.

Cumming too early is not only embarrassing but can affect your quality of life. Fortunately, there are effective methods of delaying early ejaculations. And London escorts know and use them for ensuring that their clients are satisfied totally. Here are four successful techniques used by London escorts to delay cumming.

1. Using of Thick Condoms

Although skin to skin sex is enjoyable, it causes early cumming. Luckily, condoms can help delay one’s ejaculation and make sex last longer. Thick condoms are available from different brands. Mostly, these escorts use a condom with benzocaine as it dulls sensitivity and makes the whole process last longer.

2. Longer Foreplay

When people dive straight into sex, intercourse will not last long. And a man is likely to cum very fast. That’s why foreplay is essential. It not only ensures that both of you have prolonged as well as intense orgasms, but it ensures that sex last longer. Some foreplay methods mostly used by London girls include orals and even use of sex toys before penetration.

3. Using a Delay Spray

Delay sprays are topical sprays that are applied to your penis some minutes before you get things started. They ensure that your ejaculation is delayed for at least 30-60 minutes. This, therefore, gives one ample time for engaging in good sex. Plus, once an individual sprays them, they wouldn’t need a condom. London escorts have this spray at hand, if you let them use it on you, it’ll make your sexual intercourse incredible.

4. The Squeeze Technique

This method allows escorts to work together with their clients and prevent a happy ending from happening too soon. Once you feel like an ejaculate is building up, you alert your escort, who’ll squeeze the end of your penis until that urge passes. After thirty seconds, you can go back to enjoying your escapades. This method is effective, especially if you’re with someone who knows how to do it right.

Sex that lasts long is fun. And everyone deserves to experience longer intercourse. That’s why these escorts from London practice these and other useful techniques to ensure that their clients are completely satisfied.

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